Flu Vaccine


Flu Vaccine Campaign


Flu vaccines are available annually and usually start in September/October.

At risk groups include:


–       All aged 65 and over


–       Anyone with diabetes


–       Anyone with respiratory (lung) problems including asthma


–       Anyone with long-standing kidney disease


–       Anyone with heart disease


–       People who live in nursing homes, residential homes or any long-stay facility


–       Anyone whose immune system is not working well either because:


  • You were born with it not working


  • You are having a course of treatment such as steroids, cytotoxics ie cancer killing drugs, radiotherapy


  • You have a disease eg AIDS or HIV, no spleen or your spleen not working normally


Possible After Effects:

After the injection the area around the injection site MAY become red, swollen, tender, bruised or painful.  Occasionally, you may develop a Flu-like illness with headache, shivering etc.  These effects usually settle within 24 to 48 hours.


Treat any flu-like illness by taking Paracetamol (as directed), plenty of fluids and rest.


If you are worried contact your GP or practice nurse.