Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my test results?

The doctor or nurse will tell you when your results are going to be available. You can ring for results any day after 1pm. Our reception staff can give out results but are unable to advise of any medical matters. If necessary you will be transferred to a nurse or doctor to discuss this.


  • What if I want to see a specific doctor?

Please mention to our reception staff when booking your appointment the doctor you want to see. You will then be offered the first available appointment with that doctor.


  • I have concerns about a relative can I come and talk to a doctor about their care?

Doctors can only discuss another patients with you if they have the patient written consent. If you have concerns about one of our patients we are happy to listen to your concerns but will not be able to respond.


  • I would rather have treatment in Scotland is this possible? 

Although last year’s referendum left Scotland and England united, the health services in the 2 countries have moved further apart than ever. Northumberland CCG has decided that for patients living in England it is not possible to be referred to Edinburgh for any condition whatsoever. Referral to the BGH is not possible to Ophthalmology, Orthopeadics or for suspected Cancer cases, except in exceptional circumstances. Referrals for other specialties are possible but discouraged. For patients living in Scotland, Borders Health Board have decreed that all referrals for X-rays, physiotherapy and to hospital specialties must be to the BGH except by prior arrangement with the Health Board.Your doctor will discuss the options with you.