06.04.21 - Update 


We are now in the process of calling and texting patients aged 50 to 59 for their first injections and people who received their first injection in  January and February for their second injection.


If at all possible please book your appointments through the text message you receive , this helps to reduce pressure on the telephone system as we are incredibly busy.


Our aim is for everyone over the age of 50 and everyone who is 16 or over and has an underlying health condition or is a carer to have received at least one invitation to attend for a vaccination by the 14th April.


If there is anyone you know who is in over 60 and not had an invitation please ask them to contact the surgery as there are some patients we have been unable to contact either by phone or letter.

24.03.21 - Update 


We are currently vaccinating Cohort 6 which is people over 60 or people over 16 with underlying health conditions which is a large cohort of people and we still have around 400 to go. We are also giving the second dose vaccines to all the over 80s.


We have completed the vaccination of 60% of our patient population over 50 with 1 dose , which is above the government average of 53 %,  despite the comments on facebook we are not behind the rest of the country it is just that our population is older.


Please stop ringing the surgery to ask about the vaccination hub in Newcastle we have no information on what they are doing or how to get an appointment.




We will contact you either with a link to book an appointment or a telephone call when it is your turn to be vaccinated. Only contact the surgery if you are over 65 and have not been offered an appointment.

15.03.21 - Update

We are starting to vaccinate our patients who had their first vaccinations in Dec and Jan with the Pfizer vaccine this week , and the following 2 weeks. These are the patients who are over 80 , or in care homes or are care workers. These vaccinations will take place at the hub site at Well close Square and we are currently ringing this group to offer an appointment.


We are also continuing to vaccinate our other patients with the fist vaccination of the Astra Zenica vaccine at the Union Brae surgery. We are currently vaccinating the 60 – 64 year old patients and the 18 – 60 year old patients with pre existing health conditions. This is our biggest cohort of around 1000 patients and it is taking us some time to work our way through it.




Many people are receiving texts and letters to book for their vaccination at Newcastle or other large vaccination sites, if you wish to do this please use the online service or telephone 119. If you would rather have your vaccination in Berwick please wait and we will be in touch as soon as we can. We have no idea how many vaccines we are getting or when,  so we are unable to advise when you will be vaccinated but we are organising clinics as soon as we get confirmation of a delivery.


We are now booking our clinics for the 65 to 69 year old patients and will then be moving onto the 60 to 64 and those with long term health conditions.

We are trialing a new booking system for those with mobile phones , we are sending out a link to your phone which will allow you to book your own appointments direct through your phone. These appointments are at Union Brae surgery .

For those of you without a smart phone we will be ringing you to book your appointments when it is your turn, please make sure we have your correct number .

The vaccine is coming through regularly now but we are still only getting a few days notice to organise the clinics, please bear with us, we will get to you as soon as possible.

Vaccine Update 17.02.2021

There appears to be a lot off confusion regarding the vaccine programme so just to explain the situation.

There are two vaccination programmes running, one organised by NHS England at mass vaccination centres, which is governed by the NHS and we have no information on this, nor are we able to assist with bookings or enquiries.

The other vaccination programme is run by GP surgeries locally. We are given anything from 1 day to 1 weeks notice when vaccinations are due to be delivered and how many vaccines we are getting and we ring patients from the computer generated lists to book them in.

Who we invite is dictated by the Government organisation JVIS who are deciding who is the most vulnerable and this changes as more information from research comes to light.

We should be inviting cohort 5 in next , but the government information last night that there is a new cohort of patients who need to shield will mean we will have to invite that group in next then we will invite cohort 5, then 6.

Cohorts 5 and 6 are the largest groups and there are around 1500 patients in total at our surgery alone. The government have sent letters to ask people to book into the mass vaccination centres to speed up the process. This is obviously easier for people who live in major cities to attend but is a lot more difficult for our patients. You have the option to attend Newcastle if you would like to and are able to travel, but if you would rather have your vaccination locally we will ring you as soon as we can to invite you into the surgery.

Please do not contact the surgery to ask about the vaccines we will contact you when it is your turn to be vaccinated. Any enquiries regarding the vaccination centres in Newcastle must be directed to 119 or the online service.

Januray - Covid Vaccines – An Update from Well Up North Primary Care Network


Well Up North Primary Care Network are pleased to announce that we will begin offering Covid Vaccinations from next week!

All 12 practices within our network have been working exceptionally hard and within a very short timescale to book almost 3000 appointments for our first cohort of patients. Every appointment has been booked by telephone call with practice teams across the network and will continue through the Christmas and Bank Holiday period.

Please do not contact your practice about the vaccine. This helps to keep phone lines clear and allows practice teams to continue to provide care for patients who need it most. We are using the same members of the team who would usually answer your calls and we thank you for giving us the time we need to do this.

We will continue to contact patients when it is time for them to have their vaccine - There are national guidelines in place which prioritise the order in which we call patients for their vaccinations.

Please check NHS and government websites for the latest news Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine - NHS (

Our hub sites will be manned on the most part by healthcare professionals from your practice.

As a result of this, there will likely be reduced or limited capacity for routine appointments if you contact your surgery. Many practices within the network area will be operating an “urgent only” system whilst their teams are vaccinating.

On Dec 23rd, we were made aware that there may be a delay with our vaccine delivery – originally scheduled for Monday 28th and now rescheduled for Tuesday 29th. As such, there may unfortunately be some patients whose appointments may need to be cancelled or rearranged due to delays with the vaccine delivery.

This is entirely beyond our control, vaccine deliveries are arranged nationally by NHS England.

We are working hard to get confirmation of our delivery times to ensure a little impact on patients and practice teams as possible – we will be working over the holiday period to ensure the sites are as ready as possible on the 29th

Vaccine Hub Site Locations;

Well Close Medical Group – Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Alnwick Cricket Club – Alnwick

Amble Health Centre – Amble

Do not arrive without an appointment and please don’t turn up more than five minutes early to your appointment – space is limited, its very cold, we don’t want our patients waiting unnecessarily and have a plan to move people through the vaccine sites in a systematic and safe way.

Thank you for reading, please pass to anyone you think may be interested, please don’t call the NHS for your vaccine – we WILL be in touch.

Well Up North

Morpeth – Greystoke, Gas House Lane







Wooler – Cheviot, Glandale

Berwick - Union Brae, Well Close


Following extensive trials, the first safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine has been approved in the UK and is now available to priority groups.

Vaccinations are being delivered according to priority groups identified by the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). The vaccinations will take place at Well Close Square surgery by our staff.

When it is the right time for you to receive your vaccination, you will receive a phone call inviting you to attend, or a letter from the national booking system.

We know lots of people will be eager to get protected but we are asking people not to contact us to get an appointment as you will not be able to get one until you are contacted.

10.12.2020 - COVID VACCINE UPDATE – Well Up North Primary Care Network (PCN)


We want to share with our patients the latest news on the Covid Vaccine – Please be mindful that this information could be subject to change


Well Up North (your PCN) were initially told we were allowed only one vaccination site on our very large and rural patch.


Our Clinical Commissioning Group [CCG] has worked with us to ensure we can deliver the vaccine in more than one location and we are pleased to announce that we have secured three ‘hubs’ within our Primary Care Network to administer Covid Vaccines from.


· Well Close Medical Group – Berwick Upon Tweed


· Alnwick Cricket Club – Alnwick


· Broomhill Surgery – Amble


The hub locations were agreed for their suitability for a mass vaccination programme with the practices involved volunteering to be host sites.


Where will I have my vaccine?


Patients registered with Well Close Surgery, Union Brae & Norham Practice, Belford Medical Group, Cheviot Medical Group and Glendale Surgery will attend for their vaccinations at Well Close Medical Group

Patients registered with Alnwick Medical Group, The Rothbury Practice, Gas House Lane Surgery, and Greystoke Surgery will attend for their vaccinations at Alnwick Cricket Club

Patients registered with Coquet Medical Group, Felton Surgery and Widdrington Surgery will attend for their vaccinations at Broomhill Surgery



How do I book my vaccine appointment?

Please do not call any surgery about the Covid Vaccine. It is imperative that your practice phone lines are open and clear for patients who need medical attention.


The order in which patients receive the vaccine has been decided nationally – You will be contacted by your practice when it is your time to be vaccinated – Your practice cannot change this.


It is possible that you will be contacted at short notice to book your appointment – We anticipate the first batches of vaccines to arrive at our hubs over the next two weeks and expect to administer almost 3000 vaccines per week across the PCN.


What do I need to know about my vaccination appointment?

· Your temperature will be taken when you arrive for your appointment


· You will be asked to confirm your name and date of birth


· You must not drive within 15 minutes of your vaccination


· You will need to ensure you wear appropriate clothing to receive the vaccine in your upper arm.


· You will need to arrive on time for your appointment to prevent missing your slot – There will not be waiting room facilities before or after your appointment



Will my usual GP or Nurse give me the vaccine?

You may be vaccinated by someone from your practice team at the hub site. However, in order to minimise the impact to normal services, we are working to secure additional external support from healthcare professionals who live within our PCN area.


Your local frontline NHS teams have worked tirelessly this year in order to keep you safe and well. Please help them to help you by following local Covid guidelines and refraining from contacting them to book a vaccination.


Thank you


Well Up North PCN

Created by Joseph Harry Henderson