Asthma Clinic


All asthma patients are invited by letter or text to attend for a yearly check-up.   This involves discussing symptoms, checking peak flow measurements and that the inhaler currently being used is suitable.  It is also an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about asthma.  If you haven’t received a letter for a check-up you can telephone to make an appointment with the practice nurse at any time.


SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS that you need to be seen more than yearly are:


–       Waking at night coughing, wheezing or short of breath


–       You need to use your reliever (blue inhaler) more often than usual


–       Your reliever doesn’t get rid of your symptoms as effectively as normal


 At your asthma appointment we can also discuss a management plan which helps you to recognise and treat symptoms before they develop into an asthma attack.